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This Mask is Giving Me a Rash

Why Man Can Never Serve Two Masters

Hindsight has revealed two instances in life when the idea of ‘serving two masters’ became very relevant. On the first occasion, it was automatic. No decisions to be made. I guess you can call it a survival instinct. The second occurrence was a little more complicated. Free will allows us to choose. The decisions we make at this crossroad are life changing. Please let me explain.

I believe we are all born into this world as Body and Soul. We are pulled from an invisible world of pure energy and deposited into the world of form. Yes — Spirit incarnates into humankind.

During our early development, we will all experience primal fear. This occurs the first time we feel separate from our Source. Like an alien crashing on a strange planet, we feel alone for the first time. As a result, we quickly create a Bodyguard. This mind-made ‘separate self’ acts as a shield to protect us in this strange new world.

In the beginning, we are grateful for the ‘mask’ we find ourselves hiding behind — protecting the vulnerable Soul. As a matter of fact, we grow so accustomed to taking instructions from our loyal Bodyguard, that we will soon forget about our True Self — the Soul. We begin to believe that this mask is the ‘REAL’ me.

Have no shame. This is all part of a Master Plan. You see, man cannot serve two masters, and we have much to learn about human nature. Our survival depends on it. The Soul will go into hibernation for now. This Sleeping Giant will awaken when the time is right. The Bodyguard has good intentions and will do his best to protect and lead us.

Many of the so-called ‘experts’ have said that forgetting our Divine Nature is the root of all evil. I call this bulls#@t! This temporary amnesia that we all experience is a necessary stage of our spiritual evolution. How could something that happens to every human being be considered wrong or evil?? Are they saying God made a mistake? This faulty notion not only leads to unnecessary shame and guilt, but it also delays our growth. I promise you — everything happens for a reason. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Truth be told, we don’t really fall from the Garden, we are pushed!

The School of Life is supposed to be an ‘unconscious’ stage. We need to be single- minded. The task at hand is to learn what it means to be human. To be strengthened (body, brain, and mind) in the ways of the world. When the time is right, we will all eventually be led back to Spirit — to re-discover our Divine Nature. Yes, although ‘forgetting’ is a necessary part of this journey, so is remembering! When the outer ‘being’ is ready, we will feel pulled to look within. The Sleeping Giant is growing restless and will begin to awaken. You will no longer feel alone! With this AWAKENING, you will graduate from the School of Life. You have now become a conscious Player.

HURRAY. This is it!! I am now an enlightened being. Woohoo. My spiritual journey has come to an end. NOT SO FAST. Yes, upon awakening you will be reacquainted with your Higher Self. You will temporarily feel a sense of euphoria caused by this reunion. However, as you will soon discover, there is still work to be done.

The Giant is now awake and wants to return to the throne. Unfortunately, your loyal Bodyguard isn’t ready to give up control. This sets the stage for an Epic Battle. You find yourself torn — caught in a tug-of-war. Again, the so-called experts will delay our evolution by telling us that we need to kill the Bodyguard. YIKES! I promise you — this is wrong. I am trying to lead you on a path towards merger, not murder!

Once again, we will be faced with this truth — man cannot serve two masters. However, unlike the first occasion, we now have the power to choose. Although this mask was necessary, it was never natural. Subconsciously, it always felt a little uncomfortable. We now begin to feel a pull to return to our Primal Way — the way we entered into this world — NAKED. Do we have the courage to surrender, committing 100% to our Inner Guide? Or do we remain stuck, hiding behind the Bodyguard? To be honest, my protective little bubble was beginning to feel like a prison.

Okay, so this is the drama most of us find ourselves in. This is the Epic Battle. For decades I tried to have the best of both worlds (serve two masters). I am now aware of my Divine Nature, but I still want to maintain my ‘normal life.’ I go to church on Sundays. I’m good. NOPE. Although this might be a good start, it’s not enough. Don’t all religions promise a relationship with the Divine? That’s not what I’m talking about. Even the word ‘relationship’ denotes a separation. I am talking about becoming aware of our ONENESS (Body/Soul/Spirit).

This is actually the premise of my book, AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant — All pain, suffering and dis-ease are caused by our disconnection from Source. When the Giant and the Bodyguard can make peace, a beautiful partnership will be formed. Think about the process of breaking a wild stallion. The master isn’t trying to kill this beautiful creature! They are working toward a compromise. This is also true of our powerful Bodyguard. Yogananda often described this process as ‘taming the wild ego.’ When the Bodyguard has the courage to surrender, a blissful merger awaits.

Surrendering is not about giving-up or losing. This is actually a win/win situation. We are once again single-minded. The human mind becomes an extension of Universal Mind. I am now a vehicle for Divine expression. This is the endgame! When we surrender, we don’t become less human, we become Fully Human (Body/Soul/Spirit). The anxiety, fear, and worry caused by the internal conflict comes to an end. When the Epic Battle ends, life becomes easy. To be content and at ease is the reward of surrender. Enjoy life as it was intended by removing the mask and serving ONE Master.

With Love,


Craig Kolavo is the author of AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant and founder of AwesOm Life. Learn more at .

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