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Why does the human mind always get such a bad rap? Even in our spiritual endeavors—we often discuss how to silence the ‘monkey’ mind. I can’t sit still, my frantic mind won’t shut-up!  This is wrong. The mind of man is like an amazing supercomputer created to serve us. We programmed this computer long ago and now we’re going to complain about how it diligently works 24/7. Seriously?? The real problem—we have forgotten our True Nature and allowed the servant to become the master. A simple shift in awareness is all that’s required to reclaim the throne. Please, let me explain…

I believe we are all born into this world as body and soul—both equally important for the adventure that lies ahead. Sometime during our early development, the soul volunteers to step aside. I see this as a temporary hibernation. Man cannot serve two masters and at this stage in our development, we have much to learn about being human. Our survival depends on it.

Like aliens who have crashed on a strange planet, we feel fear for the first time. This primal fear causes us to program our supercomputer with this simple instruction—protect me at all costs. Like any good computer, the mind will work tirelessly 24/7 to complete its task. As a matter of fact, we grow so accustomed to taking instructions from our small personal mind, that we completely forget about the soul—our Sleeping Giant. Please, have no shame or guilt. This is all part of a Master Plan.

Bottom line, we’ve got no business criticizing our amazing minds. Again, during our early development, we needed a Bodyguard. If you are reading this article today, your Bodyguard has been successful. You are alive. You have survived the School of Life. So far, everything is unfolding perfectly. No mistakes!  

The School of Life is meant to teach us, strengthen us, and eventually lead us all home—to reconnect with our True Nature. The pain and suffering we often experience during this stage of life is designed to keep us moving in the right direction. In a mystical magical way, pain is good, forcing us to look within. The Sleeping Giant will patiently wait to be (re)discovered.

When we awaken and reconnect with this part of ourselves, the struggle is over. The Bodyguard can now return control to the Master Programmer. What a relief! What the heck are we waiting for?

When did we become so complacent, comfortable in our discomfort? The soul’s hibernation and man’s amnesia were only intended to be temporary! Life is meant to be a fun, lighthearted adventure—full of joy, love, and abundance. Unfortunately, we can’t experience this until after we awaken, become self-aware, and reconnect with our Better Half.

We can’t force our ‘monkey minds’ to be silent! However, upon awakening we are able to reprogram this amazing computer. YES—the Master Programmer is back in control. We have evolved on this journey and it’s time for an upgrade. Come on, we're not kids anymore! We can handle a little uncertainty. I've discovered that the amount of mystery I'm willing to accept in my life is directly related to the amount of joy I experience.

What if we could all experience life with a fearless joy, excitement, and wonder for 'what's next'? Old programming (protect me at all costs) can be erased and replaced with new instructions (see meditation below). To continue with this computer analogy, think Select All—Delete, Force Quit, Uninstall, Clear Cookies, Cache, and History. Contrary to what many believe, this transformation does not need to take months or years. This simple shift in awareness can happen TODAY.

I would like to share my morning meditation/affirmation practice. I've created this to help me reprogram my computer daily. I recite this ‘Awakening Meditation’ every morning before getting out of bed…




WAKE UP—it was only a dream.

BE STILL and know—I am God.

I am the Source of all creation, including this body.

I am the Living Presence within,

the Life Force animating every cell.

And I have created you as My vehicle for expression.

YES—together we are ONE.

I am grateful for all you have done, but it’s NOW time for Me to lead.

RELAX—We no longer need to be protected.

Listen for My guidance and enjoy this adventure.


I am an eternal spiritual being on this amazing human adventure.

I am in this world, but not of this world.

I am also this body, my temporary vessel.

I am aware.

I am whole and complete.

I am at peace with my Self.

I surrender.

I devote my Self to You.

Together We are ONE.

I am Super-Man*,

Servant of the soul—vehicle for your expression.

Show me the way.

May Your light, love, energy, and courage

strengthen in our Body and Soul

and radiate through me to all.

I am Your Miracle Worker.

Let the magic begin.

*Super-Man is an abbreviation for Supernatural Human. No reference to gender intended.


We all have a choice. We can continue to experience life as small, scared, frantic little beings who feel separate and alone, or live life as Super-Man. This is a no-brainer, right??

Try doing this meditation for 30 days. I promise, it will be life changing! The illusion of separation will begin to dissolve, which is the cause of all anxiety, fear, and worry. When you learn to “Love Your Monkey” it will once again become your trusted servant. Servant of the Soul.

With Love,



PS: I’ve created a laminated card for this meditation. If you would like me to mail you one (free), please send me your mailing address (while supply lasts). 


Written by Craig Kolavo, founder of AwesOm Life and author of Awaken the Sleeping Giant. Learn more at .

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