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Awaken the Sleeping Giant

In a nutshell, my intentions for writing this book were to share an inspiring message with the world, and raise money for some great causes. With this in mind, 100% of all ebook proceeds will be donated to Thanks for joining me on this mission!

                                            - Craig



Join the Spiritual Revolution! Awaken the Sleeping Giant within. You were born into Royalty. Divinity is your birthright. It’s time to reclaim your power!


Although we are experiencing a turbulent time in our history, there is reason for optimism. The world is entering a phase of positive change and increased awareness. Unfortunately, it is often darkest before the dawn.


The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. It was time for a wake up call! We have been sleepwalking for too long, stuck in a depressive state of apathy, allowing a loud minority to rule an often silent majority.


We have forgotten our innate powers. Awaken the Sleeping Giant explains why forgetting our Divine Nature is a necessary stage in the Game. Fortunately, this amnesia is only intended to be temporary.


Also discover…

  • The 6 stages in the Game of Life

  • The joys and challenges of awakening the Sleeping Giant

  • The Epic Battle between your loyal Body Guard and the Giant

  • How to love your Monkey Mind

  • The 6 magic words to Surrender

  • How to emerge from the Epic Battle as a Supernatural Human

  • Your heroic mission as Super-Man


Awaken the Sleeping Giant is a call to action. A call to rediscover our Primal Way. Our collective purpose as human beings is to Discover our Divine Nature, Surrender to this power within and Inspire others on this journey.

Proceeds benefit Centers for Spiritual Living

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