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The “Spiritual Path” in a nutshell

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The Universe has been unfolding for 13.8 billion years and it will continue to unfold whether we like it or not. So why not like it!!!

Instead, most of us will create a long list of preferences (likes and dislikes). This is our way of trying to control the world. Good luck with that! On rare occasions, all the stars will align and we have an amazing day! Unfortunately, we are stressed out and miserable every other day!

Buddhist doctrine teaches all of life is suffering caused by our desires. We desire the world to be different, instead of being satisfied with “what is”.

One of my favorite authors is Michael Singer who wrote Untethered Soul. Michael says, “We should live every moment of every day as if it were a Surprise Party. To live with a childlike joy, wonder and excitement.”

WOW. After hearing this, my wife and I committed to living this surprise party life. When something challenging happens, we race to see who will be the first to yell SURPRISE! It’s our inside joke ;).

This doesn’t mean life is all rainbows and butterflies. Bad shit can still happen. Sometimes we are crying and sometimes laughing, but we are no longer struggling against the natural flow of life.

Is this being passive or submissive? Absolutely not! The opposite is true. When you are no longer attached to a specific outcome, you are coming from a place of strength!

To live a meaningful life, I have learned to shift my focus to what I CAN control, which is how I react to this unfolding world.


Written by Craig Kolavo, author of 'AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT'

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