The Art of Lucid Living – Learning Death’s Secret

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

As a lifelong seeker, I’ve studied the teachings of many saints, sages, and mystics. Something I’ve found that most of these teachers have in common is their belief that “we must learn to die while we are alive.” I must confess, this has always been a real mind-bender for me.

For years, I struggled to fully grasp this concept. I mention in the introduction of my book that the writing process was very transformational. This is one of those examples. The “die while you’re alive” idea, which had eluded me for decades, became crystal clear. To understand and live from this place of awareness can be life-changing, so I will do my best to explain.

I am sure everyone has experienced vivid dreams. When the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s almost embarrassing. You might wake up sweating because someone was chasing you. Or you are crying because your feelings were hurt. Maybe your heart is racing because of an exhilarating adventure. OMG, it felt so real!

I believe we will have this same type of awakening at the time of our death. Similar to your alarm waking you from a vivid dream, everything that seemed so real will vanish in an instant. In this moment, we will realize how much energy was wasted on anxiety, fear, and worry. Once again, we will feel a sense of embarrassment. When the veil is lifted, we will instantly think, if only I had known.

Here’s the good news––you don’t have to wait to be on your deathbed to have this awareness. When your soul leaves your body at the time of your death, the “veil” is lifted. I’m talking about the veil that separates this temporary physical world from the eternal world of pure Spirit.

Now let’s consider if we could live a life where this veil is transparent (lucid). Maybe it would help if we examine our lucid dreams. During a lucid dream, we are not fully absorbed by the dream state. In other words, you are aware that you are having a dream. Lucid dreams are amazing!

Knowing you are in a dream world gives you the freedom to be bold and courageous. We can enjoy the experience because we are aware of the temporary illusion. Similar to this lucid dream state, we can all experience Lucid Living now!

When we live a lucid life, aware of the illusion, we can enjoy this temporary adventure without anxiety, fear or worry. Lucidity gives us the freedom to live big and bold. As an added bonus, when we begin to understand the illusionary nature of this physical world, attachment soon becomes a pointless concept.

Don’t get me wrong, we can still enjoy all of the abundances this world has to offer, but knowing it’s all temporary, we will no longer cling. Our attachments begin to dissolve. Even the Bhagavad Gita teaches, Evil lies only in the misuse of the products and power of nature. Enjoyment of this abundance when free from attachment will be expressed in noble achievements.

I believe life is meant to be a fun, exciting adventure. We should try to live each moment with a childlike joy, wonder and excitement. This lucid living concept is “death’s secret.” To die while you are alive simply means to be aware of this temporary dream state that we mistake as real life. The only things that can be considered “real” are those that are eternal. Therefore, this world we now find ourselves in is a temporary adventure that we should enjoy while we can.

Again, you don’t have to wait until your deathbed to discover this awareness. To learn the secret now––while you still have some tread left on your tires––is amazing! You can now play this Game of Life at its highest level. In a way, you’ve already died. Consider this a death and resurrection. Your stressed-out small self is no longer running the show. Each day going forward is a bonus day because you’ve learned the death secret. This is where the fun begins!

Don’t let your alarm go off only to discover you never had the courage to express your True Self. Sorry, no snooze button on this alarm.

Written by Craig Kolavo, author of AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT. Learn more at

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