Solving the Cosmic Riddles

As I stumbled along my spiritual path, a seeker looking for answers to life’s big question—What’s the meaning of life? What’s my purpose? Who/What is God?—something amazing happened. The answers to these mystical questions began to reveal themselves. It was like I discovered a secret treasure map! Unfortunately, this map was given to me in puzzle form and the pieces revealed over decades. I guess it shouldn’t matter how long it took—because now I have it! In hindsight, I understand that everything unfolded in perfect time.

You see, the spiritual path is NOT an intellectual journey. It’s an experiential one. And the School of Life can often be a painfully slow process. Like any school, we are given lessons each day. If we ignore these lessons, the tests become very difficult. Although none of us can skip school, I’m hoping to shine a light on this path, so others might walk a little quicker.

Before I begin with my answers to these Cosmic Riddles, I need to explain an important point. The beauty of doing this ‘inner work’ is that no one can tell you that you’re wrong. In other words, what I’m about to explain is 100% TRUE—for me. And since I’m just a regular guy, no different from anyone else, I have a hunch what’s true for me will also prove to be true for you.