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Solving the Cosmic Riddles

As I stumbled along my spiritual path, a seeker looking for answers to life’s big question—What’s the meaning of life? What’s my purpose? Who/What is God?—something amazing happened. The answers to these mystical questions began to reveal themselves. It was like I discovered a secret treasure map! Unfortunately, this map was given to me in puzzle form and the pieces revealed over decades. I guess it shouldn’t matter how long it took—because now I have it! In hindsight, I understand that everything unfolded in perfect time.

You see, the spiritual path is NOT an intellectual journey. It’s an experiential one. And the School of Life can often be a painfully slow process. Like any school, we are given lessons each day. If we ignore these lessons, the tests become very difficult. Although none of us can skip school, I’m hoping to shine a light on this path, so others might walk a little quicker.

Before I begin with my answers to these Cosmic Riddles, I need to explain an important point. The beauty of doing this ‘inner work’ is that no one can tell you that you’re wrong. In other words, what I’m about to explain is 100% TRUE—for me. And since I’m just a regular guy, no different from anyone else, I have a hunch what’s true for me will also prove to be true for you.

Okay, let’s start with the question most would consider the most challenging. How do you define God? I know God as my invisible Life Force. The vibrating Energy that animates every cell in my body. And not only does this Energy flow through me, but it also flows through all of Creation. This is what connects us all!

I believe at birth we are pulled from an invisible world of pure Spirit (Energy)—into this world of form. For those of you who are still waiting for the Second Coming, THIS IS IT! Even doctors say that sometime between 22-30 days after conception, a spark of life appears from nowhere. This ‘spark’ is often referred to as a heartbeat, even though the fetal heart is not fully developed at this stage.

Okay, if this is too woo-woo for you, maybe I can mix-in a little science with my definition of God. After all, science and technology have been catching up with what the ancient mystics have been teaching for thousands of years. Did you know the human body is 99% empty space? I know—this sounds ridiculous! However, the study of particle physics (atoms, quarks, etc.) has proven this to be true. I love this analogy: If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a peanut, the outer shell would be the size of a football stadium. Wow, that’s a lot of empty space! These atoms, which make up all matter, have electrons zipping around inside. This gives them the illusion of being solid. Think of a ceiling fan running at full speed.

Since life cannot exist without this invisible energy field (99%), I refer to this as our Life Force. Humor me a little longer for one more scientific tidbit. The First Law of Thermodynamics says Energy cannot be destroyed—it can only change in form. Hence, the eternal nature of our energy body. When Einstein would speak on this subject, he would often say “This is physics, not philosophy.”

Awakening to the Divine within is HUGE! We are eternal Spiritual Beings on this amazing human adventure. Why not enjoy this form we find ourselves temporarily inhabiting? After all, when these physical bodies finally wear-out, we simply change form and return to Source. Nothing to fear.

The next Cosmic Riddle is—What’s the meaning of life? Or the closely related question, What’s my purpose? I have great news! These are very easy questions to answer since we all share the same purpose—to Discover, Surrender, and Inspire. Let me explain.

Simply put, God created humanity as a channel for His expression in this physical world. This is the 'why' of our creation. Part 2 of this question—What's my purpose?—is also very simple to answer. Before we can experience the joy of being vehicles for God's expression, we must DISCOVER our Divine Nature, the Sleeping Giant that lies dormant within us all. As human beings, this self-discovery is the most important purpose in life.

In a nutshell, I believe we are all born into this world as Body and Soul—both equally important for this adventure. Sometime during our early development, we create the Bodyguard. This mind-made creation will be our loyal partner for years to come. Since man cannot serve two masters, the Soul will go into hibernation for now. We must quickly learn what it means to be human. Our survival depends on it.

As time passes, we become so accustomed to taking instructions from our loyal Bodyguard that we completely forget about the Sleeping Giant. Have no fear. This is all part of a Master Plan. Everything is unfolding perfectly. You see, we don’t really fall from the Garden—we are pushed! Forgetting our Divine Nature is NOT the root of all evil. This is a natural stage in our spiritual evolution. Although forgetting is necessary, so is remembering! This amnesia was only intended to be temporary. So again, discovering this Sleeping Giant is step #1 of our collective purpose as human beings.

Step #2 is to SURRENDER to this power within. Being aware is not enough. Think about it. Don’t all religions promise a ‘relationship’ with the Divine? This is a good start, but again, it’s not enough. Even the word relationship implies a separation—Me and You. To surrender we must be aware of our Oneness. This idea of separation is an illusion. Remember my definition of God? The Life Force that animates every cell in my body. When you become self-aware, you will realize that you could never be separated from Source. What do you think would happen if you removed the 99%? Exactly!

The rewards of Surrender are many, which include vibrant health, abundance, and love. When the Bodyguard surrenders control to the now awakened Giant, life becomes easy. The dark clouds of anxiety, fear, and worry will soon scatter. Okay, so who would say no to these promises? The question I hear most is, YES, count me in—but how do I surrender? Simply place your hand on your chest, close your eyes, turn your focus inward, and repeat these magic words ‘I DEVOTE MY SELF TO YOU.’ That's it! I promise, even if you are skeptical, do this a few times per day and let the magic begin! Let the results be your truth teller.

Finally, step #3 of our collective purpose is to INSPIRE others on this path. Don’t worry, you won’t need to become a teacher or a preacher. You can be on a covert mission if you choose. When you awaken, you will find yourself exactly where you are needed most—embedded among the Sleepwalkers. Lead by example and you will naturally inspire others on this path.

Although I’m optimistic in these turbulent times, I do feel a sense of urgency. We need more AWAKENED beings on this planet now. If you like my simple message, please help me share.

With love,


Written by Craig Kolavo, author of Awaken the Sleeping Giant, and founder of AwesOm Life. Learn more at .

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