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Lighten Up—It’s Only a Dream

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Art of Lucid Living

Life is short. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up! OMG — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten this type of advice. Unfortunately, like a bumper sticker, these words of wisdom are cute, but not very helpful. In order to benefit from this advice, we need some practical instructions. Luckily, a simple shift in awareness is all that’s required. In the next few minutes, I will lead you on a path towards awakening, so you too might discover The Art of Lucid Living.

I would like to start by examining how death can teach us about life and how our dream-states can guide us to an awareness of our True Nature. For example — I’m sure everyone can relate to having a vivid dream. Everything seems so real that it’s almost embarrassing when you wake up! Your shirt might be soaking wet from sweat because someone was chasing you. Or your heart is racing because you heard footsteps in the attic. When the alarm goes off, in an instant we become aware that it was only a dream. What a relief!

My premise is simple. Life is like a vivid dream — a Grand Illusion. And death is very similar to awakening from this dream-state. The truth will be revealed. The veil lifted. Like in our sleeping dream, everything we thought was so important, vanishes upon awakening. Most of us will gasp with regret — if only I had known. Have no fear. You are one of the lucky few because now you do know death’s secret. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Death is a powerful teacher, reminding us that we have nothing to lose. So, LIGHTEN UP.

We don’t need to wait for death to benefit from this awareness! Let me explain by exploring lucid dreams. For me, lucid dreams are amazing! Since I’m not fully absorbed in the dream-state, I know that I’m “playing” in a dream world — aware of the illusion. Anxiety, fear, and worry are non-existent. I’m free to be courageous — to have fun! I know I’m safe and secure. My alarm will be going off at any time. I can act a little crazy, fearless, and bold.

Like the lucid dream, Lucid Living allows us to be COURAGEOUS — aware of the illusion. The veil has been lifted. Hell, the veil is transparent (lucid). Just for the record, this is not some “new age” idea. This is what Jesus was teaching 2000 years ago when he said blessed are those who come into being before coming into being. This quote was a real mind-bender for me when I first heard it, but it now makes perfect sense. As many other spiritual teachers have translated, we need to learn to die while we are alive. If we can awaken now, we will have the freedom to live the life of our dreams.

Since I want this article to be more than a bumper sticker experience, I will explain what I do to practice The Art of Lucid Living

1.) Awakening to our True Nature is a prerequisite. I’ve actually written an entire book on this subject (see link below for AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant). In a nutshell, we were all born into this world as Body & Soul. Unfortunately, we’ve spent most of our lives focusing exclusively on the Body. With a little effort, we can reconnect with our Divine Nature. A daily meditation practice will go a long way towards communing with this indwelling Spirit — the eternal part of our being. Close your eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes per day for self-reflection. You will eventually begin to feel the pull from your Higher Self.

2.) Now that you are aware of your eternal True Nature, you will begin to understand the illusion of this temporary human existence. Again, allow death to be your teacher. Our consciousness has evolved since ancient times. We now know that we can’t take any of our “stuff” with us. Death is the great truth teller. We leave this world the same way we arrived — empty handed. In other words, all that can be seen is temporary in nature. Only the invisible world (Consciousness, Soul, Spirit) is eternal. So, shouldn’t it be easy to believe that this life is very similar to that vivid dream.

3.) I always include affirmations with my daily meditation practice. I feel this powerful practice is often misunderstood. When I recite my affirmations, I am NOT giving orders to the Universe! The opposite is true. I am taking orders from the Universe. For example, when I affirm — I am an eternal spiritual being on this amazing human adventure. I am in this world, but not of this world. I am simply “repeating back” the instructions that were given to me during meditation. I am confirming, Yes, we are on the same page. Always keep a notepad handy. Your Inner-Guide will give you some good stuff if you make the time to listen. By repeating this affirmation multiple times per day, I am affirming my awareness of the illusion, which allows me to practice Lucid Living. I will post the full version of this affirmation below. My notepads are overflowing, but this is one of my favorites.

Lucid Living is not about being passive. This lifestyle gives you the freedom to act boldly! To fearlessly express your authentic self. Yes — you will still have the passion and drive to create amazing stuff, but without the attachment. We will naturally become more generous. There is no scarcity in my dream! Knowing the alarm can go off at any time, let’s not waste another moment. Sorry, no snooze button on this alarm😊.

Lucid Living Affirmation

I am an eternal spiritual being on this amazing human adventure.

I am in this world, but not of this world.

I am also this body, my temporary vessel for this journey.

I am aware.

I am whole and complete (Body & Soul).

I am at peace with my Self.

Let the magic begin!

Written by Craig Kolavo, author of AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant and founder of AwesOm Life. For more information, visit .

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