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The Secret

It's Not What You're Thinking

I must confess, I was one of the 30 million people who purchased the DVD and book titled The Secret. This thought-provoking book and movie were released in 2006. Although I loved its message about the ‘power of mind’ and how it relates to living a prosperous life, I have evolved over the past 15 years. I can now clearly see how this book missed the mark. So close — yet so far!

The book’s basic premise is this — the Great Secret of Life all revolves around the Law of Attraction. You can use this law by focusing your mind and your thoughts on the objects of your desire. By placing a thought or image into your mind (a million dollars in the bank, a fancy car, your perfect mate) you will begin this process of attraction. The book explains, “it is exactly like placing an order from a catalog.”

As a seeker on my spiritual path, I was ready for change — desperately seeking fulfillment. Like many, I thought this message was amazing! I can control the Universe by using this law to create the life of my dreams. Hell yes! Sign me up. Did I experience some “success” by learning the power of mind? YES — I did. I grew my business, bought the big house on the golf course, the fancy car, and the country club membership. Now what?? In hindsight, none of this “stuff” helped me fill the void. These results were superficial at best.

I have no regrets about learning the lessons in this book. They were steppingstones inspiring me to go deeper down this rabbit hole — leading me to the REAL secret. If you’re curious, please humor me for a few more minutes. I have discovered the path to lasting change. A life of joy, abundance, and love awaits you. Let’s call it The Secret 2.0.

Before I can explain myself, we must briefly go back to the beginning. I believe we were all born into this world as body and soul. The body represents our Human Nature, and the soul represents our Divine Nature. At birth, we are pulled from the invisible world of pure Spirit and deposited into this world of form. Spirit incarnates into humankind.

During our early development, the soul will voluntarily take the back seat. Call it a temporary hibernation. We have much to learn about human nature and our survival depends on it. As a matter of fact, we become so accustomed to taking instructions from our “small self” that we will completely forget about our Divine Nature. Don’t worry, this temporary amnesia is all part of a Master Plan. The Sleeping Giant will awaken when the time is right, but for now we have much to learn.

The School of Life is meant to strengthen us and eventually lead us all to awakening — to rediscover the Divine within. During this unconscious stage of life (amnesia), we will feel a void created by the absence of the soul. On a subconscious level, we will constantly strive to fill this void. I learned many lessons during this sleepwalking stage. No matter how much external stuff I managed to attract into my life, the satisfaction was only temporary, and that empty feeling remained.

The School of Life can be a bitch, but in a mystical magical way, the pain and suffering caused by these learning lessons are a blessing in disguise. They will eventually lead us all to shift our focus from the external world to the internal. When we begin to look within for answers (self-reflection), the Sleeping Giant will awaken. When we have the courage to surrender to this Divine part of our being — a blissful life awaits us.

This is the purpose of life, the REAL SECRET. We all have free will. When we choose to stop resisting and allow the Giant to lead, everything changes! Therefore, the Great Secret of Life is the “Law of Allowance” — not attraction. This Law is all about acceptance, cooperation, and collaboration with Spirit.

I’ve been trying not to use the G-word because I am sensitive to the baggage many of us carry from our childhoods. However, I can’t avoid it any longer. We were all born into this world to be channels for God’s expression. Yes — we all share the same purpose. Maybe it would help if I explained my definition of God. I’m not talking about the God of my childhood. You know — the old man with a white beard, sitting in a throne up in the clouds somewhere. As an adult, I’ve come to know God as my Life Force. The vibrating energy that animates every cell in my body. This Life Force is not only flowing through me, but through all of creation. This is what connects us all! Sure, maybe this concept would have been too much for a kid to understand. Maybe God in the image of man was necessary. But come on — we’re not children anymore!

If you’ve had enough struggle, pain, and suffering for one lifetime, you must practice the Law of Allowance. To be content and at ease — to live a life of joy and abundance, you MUST reconnect with your better half! Okay, sounds great, but how?? For me, surrender is not some hocus-pocus concept. I take this very literally. Simply put your hand on your chest and shift your focus within. Close your eyes. You can feel the Energy pulsating in your body. Now — say the words, I surrender. I devote my self to You. Together we are ONE. Even if you think this is a bunch of crap, give it a try. Fake it until you feel it. The results are immediate. And don’t worry, you are not giving away your power to some outside source. You are simply returning control to your Higher Self — your Divine Nature. When we go through this awakening process, we don’t become less human, we become Fully Human! Body and Soul reunite.

In summary, you become a Player in The Game of Life. When you surrender to the Universal Mind, you begin to participate in the process of creation by taking time each day to listen for guidance. In short, our purpose as a human being is to become self-aware and allow the Universe to express through us.

Okay, so back to the original Secret. I can now clearly see the problem with this Law of Attraction. “You can use this law by focusing your mind and your thoughts on the objects of your desire.” After awakening, what might appear to be my thought, my mind, and my desire is really Spirit working through me. Your mind becomes an extension of the ONE Mind. My thoughts are now inspired (in-Spirit), guiding my words and actions. I am not trying to “use this law,” the law is using me! I am now a tool for Creation. How cool is that? Don't let this go to your head. You are not the Creator! The paint brush is not responsible for creating the masterpiece. But it is amazing to participate in this creative process. This is where our fulfillment and the joy of life come from. This is the only way to fill the void.

Although I’m not a religious guy, I am aware that Jesus tried his best to convey this message. Don’t you know that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? These words I speak are not of my own authority, rather it’s the Spirit working through me. Those who believe shall do the work I’ve been doing and so much more (John 14:10). Many say humankind was not ready for this message 2000 years ago. Maybe the time is now?

Written by Craig Kolavo, author of AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant and founder of AwesOm Life. Learn more at .

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