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“I’m Spiritual, but not Religious.” Is this even possible?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

We are currently experiencing a growing trend in this country of people moving away from organized religions. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 27% of US adults now identify as being “spiritual but not religious”. This number is up 8% from five years ago. One explanation might be that many younger followers have abandoned the “mystery and faith” associated with most religions in exchange for “facts and knowing”. This might be understandable in our digital age, considering our cherished religious texts don’t translate very well when taken literally.

I must confess, I’ve been describing myself in this manner for 20+ years. However, I’m beginning to grow uncomfortable with this label. Not just because it has become trendy or cliché, although this is part of my aversion, but because I am starting to better understand the true meaning of religion.

During the process of writing the book AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT, I discovered a recurring theme. The concept of a “primal way” kept bubbling to the surface. In a nutshell, the message in my book describes how we are all born into this world as Body and Soul. All experiences during the Game of Life are designed to lead us to rediscover our Soul. This Sleeping Giant represents our Divine nature, the dormant power that is embedded in all of humanity, patiently waiting to be discovered.

We return to our Primal Way after Body and Soul reconnect. Interestingly enough, the Latin root of the word religion is religare which means to bind or reconnect. Maybe this Primal Way is my religion?? After all, isn’t religion just a set of beliefs that we use as a foundation to build our lives? My belief is that our collective purpose as human beings is to Discover our Divine Nature, Surrender to this power, and Inspire others on this path.

Throughout the book, I try to explain what it must have been like on DAY 1. In this primal state, long before we are separated by religious dogma, politics, nationality, or skin color, we are all ONE. If we can return to our Primal Way, maybe we can see through these eyes once again. Maybe this Primal Way can be the common denominator that unites all religions. Look at the chaos in today’s world. It is time to unite. A spiritual revolution is long overdue!

I also recently discovered the meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga. The literal translation is yolk’. It is also described as union with Spirit. I love this! Everywhere I dig reveals the same treasure. Why? Because there is really only ONE STORY and no religion can claim it. We were all born into this world as Body and Soul. We all share the same purpose in life, which is to discover and reconnect with this Primal Way. Yes, I just decided, this is my religion. I can no longer say “I’m Spiritual, but not Religious. I am now a Primal Man.

What about you?

Craig Kolavo is the author of AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT. Learn more about the author and his book at

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