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Becoming a Spiritual Activist

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I believe all human beings will eventually become Spiritual Activist. It’s inevitable—part of our evolutionary process. The BIG question is how long will it take for us to awaken?

Before I dig into this topic, I would like to explain my “Express With Love” graphic which was inspired by Banksy’s iconic Flower Thrower image. For those who don’t know, Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist believed to be living in the UK. His/her street art began to appear in the 1990s and is often a combination of political and social commentary with a good mix of satire and dark humor.

My personal favorite has always been the Flower Thrower which first appeared in 2005 on a wall in Jerusalem—an area historically know for violent protests. In my opinion, this message is very retro. The Make Love, Not War theme is reminiscent of the 1960’s anti-war movement—which makes it a perfect addition to my Express With Love graffiti wall.

What is this “evolutionary process” that will lead us all to become activists? In a nutshell, I believe we are all born into this world as body and soul—both equally important for this adventure. Sometime during our early development, we forget about our Divine Nature. We forget about the Soul—our better half. Please, have no shame or guilt. This is all part of a Master Plan.

I occasionally hear some of the so-called ‘expert’ preachers/teachers say that Forgetting is the root of all evil—our fall from the Garden. I promise, this is a bunch of crap. How could something that happens to all of us shortly after arriving on this planet be wrong?? That would be like saying God made a mistake!

No—we don’t fall from the Garden, we’re pushed. Man cannot serve two masters and during our early development we have a lot to learn about being human. Our survival depends on it. The Soul will voluntarily go into hibernation for this part of our adventure.

Now don’t get me wrong—although I believe forgetting is natural and necessary, SO IS REMEMBERING! This is the evolutionary process I refer to above. This amnesia was only meant to be temporary. When did we become so complacent—comfortable in our discomfort? This isn’t rocket science. Awakening is about becoming self-aware. That ‘mystical’ spiritual path we hear so much about is simply finding our way home—remembering our True Nature.

Although I’m optimistic in these turbulent times, I do feel a sense of urgency. We need more awakened beings on this planet NOW. Why? When we begin to awaken, we remember our oneness. We rediscover our connection to each other and to all of Creation—including the Planet. When we begin to see ourselves in the eyes of 'others', this world will quickly change.

To Express With Love is our natural state of being. The time to awaken is now. Become a Spiritual Activist. Lead by example and inspire others on this path.

Written by Craig Kolavo, founder of AwesOm Life and author of AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant. Learn more at

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