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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you are well aware of the drama associated with the upcoming Presidential election. Many have pointed to the endless stream of media coverage as justification for being anxious and confused. The following headlines seem to validate this anxiety:

· Russia Gears Up to Interfere Again

· Experts Warn the US Should Prepare for Chinese Interference

· Iranian Hackers Target 2020 Campaign

· Facebook Says it is ‘Not Our Role’ To Remove Fake News

· Facebook Will See a ‘Tidal Wave’ of Fake News Ahead of the Election

On the surface, I can understand the concern. These misinformation campaigns intended to help/hurt a specific candidate are disturbing. However, if you have the courage to turn off the NOISE, you will rediscover a super-power that we were all given at birth––an amazing gift which most of us have forgotten. If you can quiet the busy mind for just a moment, you will find an Inner-Guide that will never fail you.

Our bodies are amazing biofeedback instruments! We’ve all experienced this phenomenon. You have a decision to make––as you think about your options, your body will respond. For example, your heart begins to race. You feel your blood pressure rising as your temples pulsate. You might feel a tightness in your chest or a strange commotion in your stomach. Are you feeling butterflies or nausea? You can also feel a sense of joy or light-heartedness. Maybe an uncontrollable smile appears on your face. Our Inner-Guide is always speaking, but often times the noise makes it impossible to hear.

Some people call this mindfulness or intuition. I don’t care what you call it, but reconnecting with your Inner-Guide is powerful! Never look to social media or the nightly news to make important decisions. As we’ve learned, these external information sources only lead to confusion. Look within to find your answers. It’s time to reclaim your power!

Like any new skill, this might take a little practice. The election is quickly approaching. No time to waste. Find a quiet place to sit. If you have a meditation practice, do it before answering the questions below. If you do not, simply take 5 minutes to focus on your breath. Close your eyes. Inhale slowly to a count of eight and exhale to a count of eight. This can be very relaxing. There is nothing mystical or magical about this exercise. No hocus-pocus:). This is science. Focusing on the breath simply distracts the busy mind so we can listen from a place of stillness.

Since the job of being 'President of the United States' is considered by many to be the most important leadership position on the planet, I’ve decided to focus these questions on qualities necessary for effective leadership. Read each question with an open mind. Close your eyes after each to see how it makes you feel before answering.

1. Which candidate most displays honesty and integrity?

In my research, I have found this leadership quality to be #1 on most lists. For obvious reasons, character is very important. To be trusted to do the right thing (even when nobody’s watching) is critical. To be transparent and lead by example.

2. Which candidate portrays a sense of humility?

It goes without saying––being a leader is hard. Mistakes will be made. Being humble is extremely important. Great leaders admit when they are wrong and see these challenges as opportunities for growth.

3. Which candidate proves to have a high emotional intelligence?

Effective leaders do not allow emotions to influence their decision making. Controlling emotions can eliminate hasty decisions, which are never good at this level of leadership. Emotionally intelligent leaders are excellent at conflict resolution.

4. Which candidate will demonstrate transparency?

Being transparent is the best way to gain trust. Sharing information builds confidence for your vision.

5. Which candidate will practice civility?

To be civil, one must care for the beliefs of their followers without degrading others in the process. It’s about disagreeing without disrespecting. Effective leaders look for common ground as a starting point to begin conversations. This is a quality admired in all great leaders.

Thanks for participating in this exercise. Going through this process exposes the truth about the ‘noise’ intended to distract us from what’s really important. This isn’t rocket science. We have all the answers within. We must close our eyes for a clear 2020 vision.

P.S. Please share this article. I believe this election will prove to be the most important in our Country’s history.


Written by Craig Kolavo, Author


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