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The Power of Affirmations

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Power of Affirmations...

I am a strong believer in the power of positive affirmation. The words that follow “I AM…” are very potent. When spoken from the heart, affirmations set the stage for future events. If these statements are not apparent in this moment, they soon will be. This is how we communicate with our Higher Self.

We are all born into this world as body and soul. As I discuss in my book ‘AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant’, we all share the same purpose in life, which is to discover our Divine Nature and to surrender to this power that lies dormant within us all. One of the many rewards of surrender is the ability to communicate and collaborate with Spirit. Affirmations are a powerful tool for this communication process.

Yes, our human nature can collaborate with our Divine Nature. In other words, I use my human tools (mind, brain, hands, voice, pencil, paper, etc.) to create these affirmations. Then, by using focused thought (meditation), I introduce these ideas into my consciousness. To use a computer analogy, think of affirmations as code used to program your supercomputer (mind/consciousness). Simply put — affirmations are programming language for the Soul.

A prerequisite for the successful use of affirmations is our awareness of this Divine presence. If you’re unsure, I would like to share a simple exercise that might help. Close your eyes for a moment and silently (in thought only) say the words, hello, hello — is anyone in there? Okay, I know this sounds nutty, but lock the door and give it a try. If you were paying attention, you will notice there was a speaker and an ‘observer’ of your thoughts. This is it!!! Deep down inside we all have this Silent Observer, patiently waiting to be discovered. And just wait, when we learn to collaborate with this part of ourselves, life will change forever. This is when the magic begins!

The cool thing about doing this inner work is that no one can tell you that you’re wrong. What I am sharing with you today is 100% true — for me. And as human beings, since we are all pretty much the same, I have a hunch that what’s true for me will also prove to be true for you.

I have been using affirmations as a part of my daily spiritual practice for 20+ years. I started by reading ‘generic’ positive affirmations written by self-help teachers. I saw immediate results and soon began writing my own. I would modify them regularly, depending on my life’s daily challenges. Some examples would be — I am strong, I am confident, I am healthy, I am abundant, etc.

I would like to share one of my favorite affirmations which I created several months ago and has become an important part of my daily practice. I call it my Surrender Affirmation. Following the affirmation is a brief explanation of its meaning and instructions for use.


I am an eternal spiritual being

on this amazing human adventure.

I am in this world, but not of this world.

I am also this body, my temporary

vessel for this journey.

Together we are ONE.

I surrender.

I devote my Self to You.

Show me the way.

May Your light, love, energy, and courage,

strengthen in Our body and soul

and radiate through me to all.

I am Your miracle worker.


Again, as I explain throughout my book, I believe our collective purpose as human beings is to discover our Divine Nature and to surrender to this power. Most people on this planet will never reach this level in the ‘Game of Life’ because they don’t understand the spiritual path or the meaning of surrender. The most common question I hear is “okay, surrender sounds great, but how??” I promise, this isn’t rocket science. If you simply repeat this affirmation 3x per day, you will begin to see results. The pain, suffering and struggles of life soon come to an end. It’s like freaking magic! What do you have to lose?

Check out the explanation below…

I am an eternal spiritual being on this amazing human adventure.

This should be like lifting a load of bricks off your chest! With this awareness, your fear of death will dissolve. You are an eternal being. Your Divine Nature is a vibrating energy that animates every cell in your body. This Life Force miraculously appears in our human form sometime between 22–30 days after conception. Doctors say this ‘spark of life’ seems to come from nowhere. I believe we are pulled from an invisible world of pure energy into this world of form. And since energy cannot be destroyed (the first law of thermodynamics), we are eternal. Einstein is famous for saying, ‘this is physics, not philosophy!’

I am in this world, but not of this world.

This is a reminder that I’m just passing through. Here today, gone tomorrow — but Spirit lives on. This Universe has been unfolding for nearly 14 billion years. The 80–90 years that we visit this planet are like the ‘blink of an eye’. Don’t take yourself too seriously. As human beings, we often take too much credit and too much blame. This affirmation reminds me to enjoy this brief adventure.

I am also this body, my temporary vessel for this journey.

I’m simply acknowledging the importance of my body. What’s the purpose of creation? For God to express on earth. And if I’m going to be a vehicle for God’s expression, I choose to be a Ferrari! In other words, it’s our responsibility to stay healthy and strong while we are on this earthly adventure.

Together we are ONE.

We are born into this world as body and soul. During our early development, our soul goes into hibernation (the Sleeping Giant). This is all part of the master plan. We needed to learn about life and human nature. We also needed to strengthen our body and mind. What I’m saying is, forgetting was necessary, but so is remembering! The ultimate goal in life is to AWAKEN and reunite.

I surrender.

Remember I said this was simple. After awakening, simply put your hand on you chest, shift your focus inward, feel the pulsating Life Force and say the words —  I SURRENDER. Feel the vibration while saying these words. It’s really a no-brainer.

I devote my Self to You.

I call these the 6 magic words. The ‘Self’ I am referring to is my body and soul who are now working as ONE. The ‘You’ is Spirit, Creator, Source, God, etc. It’s time for me to ride shotgun and allow my Higher Self to take the wheel;).

Show me the way.

Life becomes very easy after I hand over the keys to my Higher Self. Simply listen for the inner guidance. You have now surrendered to the Universal Mind. The ‘Mind of God’ is now an extension of your human mind. How cool is that?

May Your light, love, energy, and courage, strengthen in Our body and soul, and radiate through me to all.

I always end my affirmation with this prayer. This will supercharge your Life Force.

I am Your miracle worker.

This is one final commitment. It’s like saying, I remember. I pledge this body to Your mission!


This is no joke. The anxiety, fear, and worries previously associated with life begin to melt away. You will lead by example and feel the urge to inspire others on this path.

If you like this affirmation, shoot me an email and I will send you an affirmation screen saver for your smart phone. If you are old-school, I’d be happy to mail you a laminated affirmation card — FREE. Please include a mailing address (US only). Please help me share this simple message. Is it possible for a positive message to go viral? I’m sure you would agree, we need more awakened beings on this planet NOW. Thanks in advance for your help.

With love,



AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant

PS: 100% of eBook proceeds benefit

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