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AwesOm Army Manifesto

Those enlisted in the AwesOm Army are a group of super-achievers who seem to have an endless amount of good luck and abundance. The truth is, we know a secret. One of life’s great mysteries has been revealed. Being conscious of the Divine within activates a dormant power found in all beings. This awareness is a gift and these powers can only be used for good. We are on a heroic mission.


We are also aware that our physical bodies are extremely important for this adventure. Inactivity, poor diet, drug and alcohol abuse are all ways to give away your power. Poisoning your body weakens you, allowing negative energy to take over (fear, anxiety, depression). We need all of our strength for this mission.


When we discover and surrender to the Divine within, a powerful partnership is formed. Body and Soul reunite. This transformation creates a supernatural human aka Super-Man. The struggle is over. We begin to accept life as it naturally unfolds with excitement, joy and wonder. As Super-Man, you are now a conscious player in this Game of Life.



  • Lead by example. Commit to a clean lifestyle and diet. Carry yourself with a strong fit posture and positive attitude.

  • Create a FUN life philosophy. Life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff. The spiritual path is meant to be light and playful, with a true sense of freedom.

  • Be a little crazy. Don’t worry what other people think. Not everyone will understand you. Who wants to be “normal” anyway?

  • As a member of the AwesOm Army, our mission is to serve. Share the joy, abundance and love that flows thru you. Inspire others on this path. You are now a vehicle for God’s expression.



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