Kirkus Reviews My Book, "I Am God in Disguise, So Are You"

A spiritual view of the universe that encourages people to battle to uncover their true selves.

In his nonfiction debut, Kolavo acknowledges that people tend to ask the same big-picture questions of life: “Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of creation?” In the expansive and inventive worldview put forward in these pages, the answers to these and other questions revolve around how well each person perceives what Kolavo calls the “universal law” that says: “All of life’s experiences happen for a reason and the Universe does not make mistakes”—a law he refers to as “God’s Game Plan.”

In his view, all humans are naturally a part of the “School of Life,” with a “Bodyguard” that is their ego and a “Sleeping Giant” that is their soul, and they can choose whether or not to awaken to their true potential or continue to be mired in the shallow day-to-day details of life. We’ve all “been sleepwalking for generations,” the author contends, but we are essentially spiritual beings encased in flesh. “When Body and Soul reunite as one, you will be transformed,” Kolavo writes.

In one fanciful sequence after another, Kolavo describes the process of transforming your Sleeping Giant into a guardian angel, of awakening to your true spiritual potential and thereby becoming a “Supernatural Human” right here on Earth, or someone who sees reality for what it is, not merely what science instructs it to be.

The narrative is peppy and involving throughout, and Kolavo, borrowing strategies from popular self-help gurus like Wayne Dyer, frequently asserts things for which there is no scientific evidence (that all humans are born with souls) or makes statements that others will see as self-evidently false (such as that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger).

Experienced self-help readers will know to navigate such sentiments with care, and they'll find plenty of good material to warrant the effort in these pages, playfully illustrated by Jensen (Pablo and Koji: Best Friends Forever, 2019, etc.).

An illustrated, fast-paced view of the world as a happy struggle to achieve enlightenment.