‘I Am God in Disguise—So Are You’ Available For Purchase Now!

Are you ready for some optimism in the midst of turbulent times?

In I Am God in Disguise—So Are You, Craig Kolavo leads readers on a spiritual odyssey that rivals the complexities of the Hero’s Journey, yet in an innovative and accessible way. The path is not simple and answers to questions not obvious; the journey is rife with tough lessons, epic battles and delusions and illusions that will test your resolve. Though make no mistake: Kolavo is an optimist and is living proof that this journey is possible for anyone and everyone to experience. Once surrender is attained, the realms of science and spirituality intersect harmoniously, leading to a sense of peace that unfolds even in turbulent times.

With a trifold call to action, I Am God in Disguise invites the reader to become a player in the game of life by discovering their Divine Nature, surrendering to its power, and inspiring others on this journey. But what happens when we forget our innate powers? It’s all part of the plan, says Kolavo. It’s a necessary process of life, defined by the six stages he asserts we all eventually experience: Alien Birth, the School of Life, Discovery, Epic Battle, Surrender, and Inspire.

The adage that it’s always darkest before dawn holds true, according to Kolavo. The presence of increased awareness in the world proves that positive change is on the horizon. As an optimist, Kolavo sees an opportunity that has emerged for humanity: it’s time to wake up from our collective spell of apathy and reclaim our power. When we end our inner battle through surrender, peace will soon follow in the outer world. Surrender transforms us, leading us to collaborate with Spirit via affirmations, visualization, meditation, and more. It’s time to wake up from our collective spell of apathy and reclaim our power.

I Am God in Disguise takes a fresh, and often humorous, approach for a subject that is considered very complex. We may not be able to skip any of the steps on this epic spiritual adventure, but Kolavo effectively sheds light on an otherwise mysterious path toward awakening.In keeping with one of the main tenets of I Am God in Disguise, being of service, 100% of the e-book’s proceeds benefit Water.org. The mission of this worthy foundation is to bring safe water and sanitation solutions to those in need.

About Craig Kolavo

Craig and his wife Amy live in Highlands, North Carolina with their two dogs, Roxy and Lola. The couple shares a passion for nature, hiking, yoga, and personal growth. Most days they can be found exploring the trails near their Blue Ridge Mountain home.

Craig's original intention for writing this book was to share some of his discoveries during this "amazing life adventure" with his children. Craig said, "Maybe all parents feel this way. Why should my kids have to go through the same suffering and struggles that I did? I know stuff." Although this is not a children's book, the inspirational message is universal and can apply to all age groups.Visit the author's website at AwesOmLife.com to learn more.