As promised in my book, if you would like to go further down the rabbit hole, I am including some resources (books, authors, podcasts, etc.) that have inspired me on this journey...

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Additional Resources from the Book

The most elaborate trap on the planet, one that causes sickness, addiction and death, has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. If you find yourself in this trap, don't feel bad, you are not alone. Over 80% of the adult population are with you. You never really had a chance. Everyone was in on this grand scheme. If you like a good conspiracy theory consider this, ever since you were a child, you were being groomed by the huge corporations, the federal government, the health care industry and even your friends and family. In a nutshell, the huge corporations have a product to sell and they are very good at marketing to all age groups. The federal government makes billions from taxing these corporations, not to mention the benefit of having a population that is too sick and tired to stand up and fight. The healthcare industry profits from treating this sick population of all of our alcohol related illnesses (diseases of the mouth, throat, stomach, liver, kidneys, cancers, etc.). Last but not least, our well-intentioned friends and families. Most have good intentions, blind to the trap they are in. Others are aware, but fear being alone. Have you heard the saying, misery loves company?


The good news, Knowledge is Power. Once the secrets of this elaborate trap are revealed, you can never be fooled again. It’s really that simple. Like a magician exposing the illusion of his tricks. Once your mind has the time to logically and rationally examine the grand illusion, the myths of the alcohol trap*, the magic is gone. The control that alcohol once had over your mind and your life is gone in an instant. You are FREE. 

* Read Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way to Stop Drinking and expose all myths.


The human body is amazing at bouncing back. Change your mind and change your life. It's funny, when I first started drinking in high school, I enjoyed being the rebel. Now, as a non-drinker, I find myself once again enjoying my role as the rebel. People look at you like your crazy. It's fun. Join me on this revolution!


Although you can never be tricked again, like any habit, after years (decades) your body/brain has recorded memories of these habitual behaviors. Occasionally, when you are operating on auto-pilot, you may reach for a drink, even if this is only in your mind. Do not mistake this as a craving. Old habits can be like grooves in a record. It’s just your body going thru the motions. Be still and take a deep breath. These thoughts will pass in a moment. Do not try to push them down. This is a natural purifying process. This is the only way to cleanse your body of these trapped thoughts. Be the observer of this process. Allow them to escape. Thoughts come and go. They do not define who you are.


I believe the human body is like a powerful super computer. For years we allowed a crazy maniac monster (addiction) to send instructions to our computer. Now that the monster is dead, the computer is waiting for instructions. Our powerful True Self can now do the programming. Enjoy doing a little work every day. I like to combine meditation with affirmations (program my computer). It’s fun and easy and will help erase the old grooves in your mind. 

Affirmation example;

I am Free.

I am Free to experience life as it naturally unfolds, moment-to-moment, with excitement, joy and wonder.

I am a strong powerful man.

I am healthy, happy and wise.

I am aware of my Divine nature, free from all addictions.

I am at peace with my Self.

*this isn’t rocket science. write something that works for you.


In addition to all the myths exposed in Allen Carr's book, I have discovered anotherreason why some of us may remain stuck in this trap longer than others. If we live long enough, most of us will have some painful experiences that cause anger, resentment or shame. These thoughts can haunt us for a lifetime. When we innocently fell into the alcohol trap, we discovered a short-term benefit, we became numb to these tormenting memories. Now, when the truth is exposed surrounding alcohol and we free ourselves from our addiction, those painful memories of the past are once again very raw. To evolve as humans, we must be willing to feel all feelings. The numbing effects of drugs and alcohol only delay our evolution. We need to understand what these past experiences mean to us today and make peace with ourselves. Why let the worst experience of your past dictate your future? 


The final step toward freedom is making peace with your Self. Once you understand the Universal Law that God doesn’t make mistakes and all events in life serve a purpose, you will be free. Although it is often difficult to see the benefit in some horrible experience, it will reveal itself over time. I am now aware that we are all in training for something bigger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Yes, this wisdom comes with a price. 


One of my favorite quotes from the book This Naked Mind by Annie Graceis on page 206;

“And now you have the advantage. You’ve experienced alcohol addiction and you know how vile and insidious it is. I have a perspective that the non-drinker doesn’t have. I’ve seen the evils firsthand. Survival deserves a medal, not a stigma. I am stronger than before. I now have a shield of experiential armor against the horrors of alcohol. I feel strong enough to stand up and fight.”


This is beautiful!! Again, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You can use this wisdom for many challenges in your life. Fill in the blank. You’ve experienced _________, and now you have the advantage.


I have discovered that the path to freedom (from addictions) and the spiritual path are closely related. When I surrendered to my Divine Nature, my new computer programmer, life became easy. The struggle was over. You become nicer to yourself and others. Destructive habits melt away. People start showing up exactly when you need them. Books “coincidentally” drop into your lap at the perfect time to assist you on your path. Remember, everything happens for a reason and we have paid the price for this wisdom. Do not let these experiences go to waste! Search for the seeds of grace in every adversity. Pay it forward. Share the unlimited joy, abundance and love with all. Share this awareness.